Saturday, July 21, 2012

Some Progress!!

We are finally making a little progress with the adoption!!! (baby steps, but steps nonetheless)  We have been having a really hard time even getting in touch with our social worker who is the one writing our home study.  Pretty much nothing moves until the home study is done, so it's a pretty important step in the process.  She's met with us twice, and we've sent her tons of info about us, but then every time I would email, we wouldn't hear anything back forever, if at all so we really had no idea where we were at or what kind of time we were looking at.  From what I know from other people, I had an idea of how long it should take, but not getting an answer from her was pretty frustrating!! 
They made some changes to our case worker (not the social's all hard to keep up with) at the agency so she had emailed to find out where we were in the process and how things were going.  I sent her a message back about our frustrations, and things seemed to move a little faster then...amazing how that happens.  Unfortunately, it took her even days to get in touch with the social worker.  That all being said, I got an email late Friday afternoon that said she was supposed to have the draft of our home study to review on Tuesday of next week!!!!!!  The agency has to review it to make sure that it has everything the Russian government is going to want, and we are still waiting for one more background check (which right now I'm assuming will be okay), and then it can all be sent for approval here in the US.   This is so amazingly exciting!!!!!!  After so long of just kind of waiting, this is a huge step in our process.  I was reading a forum last week that one couple got a referral for a 10 month old girl after just three months of waiting....I know that's not normal, but makes me excited, scared, and nervous that this is all really happening. 
I will try to keep you posted on the progress and where we are at, it's all so exciting!  I'm off to go work on the furniture for her room...seems like it is so much more urgent now!  I know we still have lots of time to wait, and things could still happen, but this just gets me excited like we were when we first started!! 

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