Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello from China!

Hello all!!  Many of you have already seen a few pictures from Gotcha day on FB, and I wanted to get a few up here also.  The internet here is not so good, so I'm going to try to just get a few pictures up.  It should be better in Guanzhou, so maybe we can get more posted then.  Lainey is doing so well, and truly even better than we could have hoped!  She's been laughing and talking and eating and sleeping.  We couldn't have asked for more.  She of course is gorgeous, and we are over the moon in love with her!!!!!
Her red footprint and our red thumb prints mean that our adoption is final and she is FOREVER ours!!!!!!

While we were doing the adoption paperwork, she was also hard at work!

Best.  Smile.  Ever.

We got her new shoes today, and she didn't take them off until she had to have a bath!         

We are doing so great!!  Her laugh is probably the best sound I have ever heard.  We have a few more days here in her province, so we are going to see as much as we can here, and then we head out on Friday.  We have gotten to facetime with the boys, but miss them so much.  I just can't wait until we can all be home and just be a normal family (well, as normal as our family can be anyway!!)

Thank you for your prayers, this is truly a prayer answered for us and we are so thankful for our many many many blessings.


  1. I don't know you and you don't know me but I wanted to say congratulations!!!! Lainey is beautiful and even more so in the arms of her forever family. Best wishes for a continuously safe and wonderful trip.

  2. Congratulations! Safe travels! She is a doll! Can't wait to read more!

  3. Congratulations - She is just precious and beautiful! Love seeing the pictures! Glad and relieved that Lainey is so happy and adjusting to you guys so well - how AWESOME! THANK GOD! Will continue to lift you up in prayer! Susan

  4. Love seeing her smile !! Wow! She is a happy girl and so well adjusted... blessed is an understatement!! So neat to see China through your eyes!! Praying and praising!!! So excited for your family! Enjoy your alone time with Lainey.... it will quickly come to an end!!! Oh I do love China and all the sweet babies there!!! You will love Guanzhou... be sure and walk around downtown to see all the beautiful statues. blessings,Stephanie Barfield