Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Little time off...

Hello folks!  I"m back after a break for a bit to finish up my semester.  I wish I could say that I would be posting more in the next few weeks, but I start classes back up for the summer next week, so I'm going to be real and say I don't know when it will happen again.  So...guess I better make this one a good one!!
I guess first an update:  I'm now in the second trimester of pregnancy, and there are still two in there.  I am in that strange limbo between regular clothes and maternity clothes so if you see me wear the same thing everyday it's because it the only thing that fits me!!  As much as I hate to say it, I want to get bigger already so that I can wear something (won't hear a woman say that very often!)  We have the exciting "find out the sex of the baby assuming they cooperate" ultrasound coming up in a month, so that's very exciting.  The parents will be here a few days before and are staying for about two weeks, so it's always awesome to see them. 
Speaking of getting to see parents, we got to see the first parents that we matched with and had the baby girls with.  Well, I can't really call them baby girls anymore, that's for sure.  They are three now, and are happy and beautiful and just perfect.  It really is such a blessing to get to see them and know them as they grow up.  THAT is what makes you sure you are doing the right thing in all of this.  It is amazing to get to help someone have more children, and I am so lucky to see it.  I'm trying to get them to move this way too!!  I have said before that we really became good friends with them, and of course I would love to have all of our good friends closer.  We have a couple that are spread out (you know who you are), and we really need them closer...just sayin....
We have made a little progress with the adoption.  It's a slow process, which is okay since it's not like we can travel to Russia right now anyway.  We know that the government got our I-600 form, and we are waiting to get our appointments for fingerprints.  I got my passport, and Jeremy's is in process and we will hopefully have it soon.  There is just one question left on the huge autobiography that we need to finish and then send on to the social worker.  Then it will be just getting reference letters and a few other papers to her and we can officially send our "registration" packet to Russia and begin the wait for a referral.  Wow....still surreal to say that....I think that until we actually get a picture and something about her that it will be really hard to connect to all of this.  It's still just a lot of paperwork and a hypothetical as of now, but I'm sure that will change.  We have started figuring out her room and furniture and things, so that helps to keep me busy too.  (not that I need something else to keep me busy!)  So...that's where we are with that...
Maybe in my next 5 days of freedom from school I can manage one more post...we will have to see.  Between 4 nights of tae kwon do, one night at church, and a tae kwon do tournament this weekend, I think I will manage to stay pretty busy...oh, and I guess I should work in there too at some point!  Again, thanks for reading, hopefully next time I can post sooner and do something other than just a "State of the Tornado" address.  Maybe I can write something inspiring...hahaha....who am I kidding, my brains are fried and the odds of something inspiring coming out are pretty slim...but I'll see what I can do, I do have some ideas up there...just have to dig them out!!

Also, don't forget, one month until the next garage sale!  Lots of time to clean out lots of stuff!!

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