Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Friday the 13th

Just finished listening to about an hour about how to do an assessment on a patient...and I was tired before, but talk about needing to hold my eyelids open!  It's fun times like that that make me realize how old I've gotten.  Friday night, 9pm...and all I can think about is getting my schoolwork finished so I can go to bed.  Wow, when did that happen?  I remember in the olden days when I would try to finish my work so I could go out...hahahaha...who am I kidding, I never worried about finishing the work first, I worried about going out!!  My how times have changed!

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that this will be a short post tonight, assuming I don't fall asleep on the keyboard and post a bunch of incoherent letters typed by my forehead (hey, it's happened before!)  I had to post something on this very exciting Friday the 13th because it has been an exciting week for us.  I got word at the first part of the week that I am supposed to start my medications on Monday to get ready to do our IVF the week of February 12th for the surrogacy!  So, that is great news, becuase finally we have a time frame for things.  It's always nice to get things put in place a little bit.  Now I can start to plan things to do with that...not that there's much for me to plan...get ice more ice cream...get fat...have a baby (or babies if my streak continues)....deliver babies....go to the gym...    You know, the usual stuff!

The other exciting thing that happened is that we officially submitted our application for the adoption today!!!  We already got loads of papers to read, sign, and notarize and that apparently is small potatoes compared to the amount of paperwork we will have to do in the next couple of months.  So, now comes the fun of home study and getting things notarized twice (yeah, twice) and giving them loads of now comes the panic too!  I know we are doing the right thing with all of this, and I feel totally comfortable with that, but unless one of the dogs starts laying golden eggs, we honestly aren't sure where that amount of money will come from!  But, we believe that He will provide for us and we have heard incredible stories of how that has happened for people who have listened to the call.

Last thing...thank you again for being here, please keep us in your prayers with everything going on.  If you like cool tshirts, try this out:  We have set up a fundraiser selling these really great shirts!  They are cute and we get a part of the money you pay for each of them.  So, you can get a great shirt and help us bring our baby home--what could be better!!  Soon there will also be a link on the side of this page...but I have to figure out how to do this widget thing with one that I have to create...could be a little bit for that...if you know me, you know I'm challenged sometimes with that (thank God for Jeremy of we would have had several computers through a window by now!)

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