Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What a trip!!

I wanted to go ahead and get some of these pictures shared before I forgot what everything was!  It was such an amazing trip, just far to short.  There was so much to see, that I really needed at least a week to be there (so maybe next time...)  I have to say, I loved so many things about Holland, and the thing I love the most is that most people were not in such a hurry to get everything done.  Things are more relaxed for sure, and I love that there are more bikes than cars, which just makes everything seem so much more peaceful.  I absolutely loved it.  I spent the day Friday on a bike (for the first time in about 20 years!) and a boat, touring Amsterdam!!  It was so beautiful.  The buildings were so beautiful to look at, and everywhere I looked, I needed to take a picture....well, except maybe in the red light district....there I just kind of rode by with my mouth gaping open!!
I can't believe I rode a bike again!!

 At least 15 miles in one day on a bike!!

The canals were even more peaceful than the streets.  Floating along for a couple of hours to see the city, I got to see so much of the city!

With just 1 day in the city, there was no time to actually go IN the museum, but luckily it was just as beautiful outside!

I thought it was really ironic that the Amsterdam official flag has a XXX on it....

This was a "nurse home", where nurses would live while working

After spending Friday in Amsterdam, we went back to Utrecht, and got to see the city very quickly on Saturday before we had to head to Brussels!  It was enough time to see even more beautiful things (and some really cute kids!!)

This was totally the best part of the trip!!  Getting to spend time with these two was so great.  Hearing them say my name....priceless!!!

For some reason, this picture just seems to show everything that I loved in the short time I was there.  The bike, the green, and just the relaxing peaceful feeling

This church was so beautiful and reminded me of the church that I grew up in.  Many of the same lines and feeling.  There was something about it that just made me so overwhelmed in there.  I had tears in my eyes by the time I walked out.  It was gorgeous

This building is part of the University at Utrecht

LOVE him

When people ask me why I wanted to become a surrogate....THIS is why...families are made, love is shared

And of course, I got to try McDonalds while I was there!  Had an interesting sandwhich that was very typical Dutch, I'm told.  a McCroquet...interesting to be sure!

These pictures hardly sum up what a great trip it was!  I have hundreds of pictures, and just had to pick some of the best ones!  Oh wait....here are the BEST ones!!

If only you could hear the laughter that went along with this picture!

I swear I could eat up those cheeks!!!

Blowing bubbles on the porch!!

I had lots of good packing help before I left!

Truly blessed to be able to be in their lives!!!  I can't wait to get to see them (well, and their parents) again!!

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